Do not pass around text direction unnecessarily.
Test struts in textless box.
Test vertical alignment vs line breaking interaction.
Test struts on paragraph with offset middle box.
Add paragraphLines to Rich ParagraphLayout.

BREAKING: The paragraphLines field of ParagraphLayout must be preserved
for pagination.

BREAKING: The width of a rich text ParagraphLayout will now remain
unchanged after pagination.

BREAKING: Empty space at the top of the first line and at the bottom
of the last line in a ParagraphLayout will now be preserved.
Allow overriding font ascender and descender.

Provides an easy option for influencing vertical metrics, which may be
useful for implementing replaced and inline-block elements.
Add manual test for mixed vertical alignment.
Test shifted baseline.
Test mixed line height with varied alignment.
Remove unused alignment function.
Update changelog on vertical alignment.
Implement vertical alignment.

BREAKING: Boxes now generate struts (CSS), which can make a line taller
than is necessary to contain its fragments.
Do not pass around unnecessary data.
Store parent text options in ResolvedBox.

This is required for vertically aligning the box with its parent.
Add options for vertical alignment.
Bump version to
Separate vertical alignment from horizontal positioning.
Store vertical offsets inside ProtoFragment.

Intended to make these offsets manipulable during layout.
Add internal structure for vertical offsets.
Use more specific name for the LineHeight typeclass.