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#Haskell URL

HURL resolves URLs to the Text or ByteString data they reference, alongside it's MIMEtype. It is capable of resolving data to the charset specified by the MIMEtype, and will convert any errors to response data.

It's main function is Data.Network.Fetch.fetchURL, which takes a "Session" initialized by Data.Network.Fetch.newSession.

#Supported URI schemes

HURL can resolve the following URL schemes:

Each of these protocols can individually be turned on or off at compiletime.

#Desired URI schemes

Integration of the following URL schemes would be appreciated:

  • ftp(s): - Outdated Haskell implementations exists.
  • magnet: - Outdated/incomplete Haskell implementation exists.
  • gopher: - Would want to pair with a Markdown-to-HTML parser to restore semantics lost in Rhapsode's conversion to audio.
  • xdg-icon: - Custom, looks up images according to icon-theme-spec
  • idsc:/mdsc: - being developed by @cwebber@octodon.social.
  • Dispatch to apps on Mac OS X, Windows, Android, and/or iOS.

Feel free to suggest more, point me towards the function(s) to call, or write the patch yourself! Please email these to opensource@openwork.nz.


Known issues to be tackled (outside of the protocol list above) are described in markdown files under the ISSUES folder. Feel free to email me additional problems and feature requests.

To contribute code you can either email me:

  • A link to the online git repository you want me to git pull from
  • Or a git patch file as documented at https://git-send-mail.io/