Nelson, NZ


Lead & initial developer of the Argonaut Constellation. Does open standards contracting for a dayjob.


Pure-functional language bindings to FontConfig; determines which fontfile to use for a fontfamily, style, & size.


Haphaestus's homepage; Home is where the hearth is


Webform engine, bootstrapping up from hyperlinks


CSS styling engine


Lays out the CSS Box Model, this being the internet some of these boxes will contain cats!


Auditory web browser/voice assistant.


TV browser, as paginated link menus.


Pure-functional language bindings to Harfbuzz; the "text-shaping" library deciding which "glyphs" should represent each few consecutive chars.


Haskell URL dispatch.


Renders backgrounds & borders


Just let me draw nice text already!


Jekyll source for argonaut-constellation.org


Webpage debugger, locally-run server accessible via a webform-supporting browser or Selenium