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# Rhapsode
[Repository](https://git.argonaut-constellation.org/~alcinnz/rhapsode) | [Issue Tracker](https://todo.argonaut-constellation.org/~alcinnz/rhapsode) | [Website](https://rhapsode-web.org/)

Web browser targetting voice I/O.

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3. If you've installed Haskell via e.g. GhcUp, you may need to edit `src/Types.hs` so that `buildDir` is assigned to the absolute path to the Rhapsode repository being built. This is used to know where to find the datafiles.
4. (OPTIONAL) Add `~/.cabal/bin/` to your path if it isn't already.
5. Run Rhapsode with `cabal run https://example.com/`, where "https://example.com/" can/should be replaced any valid URL. Or if you followed step 3, you can replace "cabal run" with "rhapsode".

## Contributing
Please send patches to our [issue tracker](https://todo.argonaut-constellation.org/~alcinnz/rhapsode) by either:

* Attaching the output of `git format-patch`.
* [git send-email](https://git-send-email.io/) to ~alcinnz/rhapsode@todo.argonaut-constellation.org .
* Linking to your fork elsewhere.

Whichever you find most convenient.

If you'd prefer to not make your email address public please contact alcinnz@argonaut-constellation.org !