Auditory web browser/voice assistant.
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Web browser targetting voice I/O.

See CONTRIBUTING.md for instructions on how to help the project.

#Desired Experience

Rhapsode will read a webpage out loud to you according to some special CSS properties. Arrow key navigation will be supported for navigation between headings, paragraphs, and table cells.

Links (defined generally enough to include <audio>, etc) will be indicated via a special beep for the user to repeat one back (via microphone or keyboard) at any time in order to navigate between pages. Rhapsode will start reading from the <main> element if present.

Forms will be rendered as ordinary elements and be navigated to as a link. Once navigated to you will be prompted to fill each input of the form in turn before reviewing/correcting your submission before sending it.


Because I want The Web to be "universal", for browsers to have the slack they need to present it however best suits their users and the devices they use. Rhapsode demonstrates HTML/CSS's capabilities this way.

And because I want to discourage the excessively bloated RCE vulnarability that is JavaScript, which does plenty of harm even without breaking out of it's sandbox! I want browsers to be simple and easy to audit or write your own.

See the wiki for webdev documentation.


  1. Install gstreamer1.0-pocketsphinx zlib1g-dev, ghc, cabal-install. (Debian package names listed here)
  2. Install the C libraries espeak-ng, sndfile, gstreamer1.0, & openssl (on Debian: libespeak-ng-dev, libsndfile1-dev, libgstreamer1.0-dev, & libssl-dev)
  3. If you've installed Haskell via e.g. GhcUp, you may need to edit src/Types.hs so that buildDir is assigned to the absolute path to the Rhapsode repository being built. This is used to know where to find the datafiles.
  4. (OPTIONAL) Add ~/.cabal/bin/ to your path if it isn't already.
  5. Run Rhapsode with cabal run https://example.com/, where "https://example.com/" can/should be replaced any valid URL. Or if you followed step 3, you can replace "cabal run" with "rhapsode".


Please send patches to our issue tracker by either:

Whichever you find most convenient.

If you'd prefer to not make your email address public please contact alcinnz@argonaut-constellation.org !