Support hard line breaks.
Bump version to
Include fontInfo in the repository.

This should make it possible to use the sample test outputs straight
from the repository, without having to build and run the tests.
Add shaped runs for demo.
Allow custom font options outside FontLoader.
Improve test readability with runIO.
Add internal functions for "shaped runs" output.
Allow polymorphism in writing golden tests.
Refactor pretty printing for golden tests.
Test effect of paragraph prefix.
Document considerations for beginsText/endsText.
Add test for Devanagari.
Reduce test dependencies on fonts.
Properly use ICU locale identifiers.
Fix typo in comment.
Bump version to
Fix version number in changelog.
Fix test warnings.
Declare Hspec version bounds.
5a30ef49 — Adrian Cochrane 1 year, 3 months ago
Loosen dependency bounds.