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# Haskell Stylist
[Repository](https://git.argonaut-constellation.org/~alcinnz/haskell-stylist) | [Issue Tracker](https://todo.argonaut-constellation.org/~alcinnz/haskell-stylist) | [Hackage](https://hackage.haskell.org/package/stylist)

Generic CSS style engine for Haskell, intended to aid the development of new browser engines.

Haskell Stylist implements CSS selection and cascade (but not inheritance) independant of the CSS at-rules and properties understood by the caller. It is intended to ease the development of new browser engines, independant of their output targets.

@@ 17,14 19,18 @@ If these ultimately call down into a `Data.CSS.Syntax.Style.QueryableStyleSheet`

`PropertyParser` allows to declaratively (via Haskell pattern matching) specify how to parse CSS properties, and how they're impacted by CSS inheritance. It has four methods: `longhand` and `shorthand` specify how to parse CSS properties, whilst `temp` and `inherit` specifies what the default values should be.

## Contributing
You can contributed code or register "issues" to Haskell Stylist at https://todo.argonaut-constellation.org/~alcinnz/haskell-stylist by emailing ~alcinnz/haskell-stylist@todo.argonaut-constellation.org

If you're contributing code you can link me to where you're hosting your git fork, or send [a patch file](https://git-send-email.io/). Or if you simply want to ask for more features or fixes don't hesitate to contact me!

Feel free to mirror this repo elsewhere! Just tell me about it so I can watch that mirror for contributions.

### Building
1. Install `ghc` and `cabal-install`. (Debian package names listed here)
2. From within the git repository, run `cabal install`. This'll compile Stylist and all it's other dependencies.
3. Run `cabal test` after every change you make.

## Contributing
Please send patches to our [issue tracker](https://todo.argonaut-constellation.org/~alcinnz/haskell-stylist) by either:

* Attaching the output of `git format-patch`.
* [git send-email](https://git-send-email.io/) to ~alcinnz/haskell-stylist@todo.argonaut-constellation.org .
* Linking to your fork elsewhere.

Whichever you find most convenient.

If you'd prefer to not make your email address public please contact alcinnz@argonaut-constellation.org !